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My name is Alejandra but my family calls me Jana. Therefore, Charlas con Jana was born. Charlas means, “talks or chat,” in Spanish. Growing up, I always loved listening to my parents and family share stories from their childhood and overall life in Mexico. Stories about life lessons, transformations, miracles and scary stories were shared. The purpose of this page is to put to use one of the greatest super powers known to mankind, that is WORDS. Words have been able to cause revolutions, inspire, and teach people. With interviews, storytelling and conversations I want feed the curious and add valuable content. Think back into the time you tuned into an interview on television or online and all of a sudden your mind gained a new perspective or learned a lesson from someone else’s story. I want to learn how to develop those types of stories with this blog. My motto: A Better You, Makes a Better World.



At the 2019, Her Own Poder Event in LA