Women in Maritime

March 08, 2018                                                                                           By: Alejandra Salgado

Good evening all!

On Tuesday evening I had the pleasure of interviewing Eloisa Sanchez, a woman in the Maritime industry. She grew up in Wilmington, California, the heart of the harbor! While in high school she was part of SRLA, Student’s Run LA. This is a great program for the youth of LA, in which they train for the LA marathon. How coll is that! Eloisa has ran two LA marathons, I mean come on, not anyone can do that. She went off to college in Northern California to attend the California Maritime Academy aka CMA. CMA is part of the State University System and provides six different majors. Growing up, Eloisa, got first hand exposure of the ports, containers and international transportation. That is how she came to decided to earn her Bachelor’s in International Business and Logistics.She now works for APL (American Presidential Lines) part of the to ten shipping companies in the worlds. She is a role model to her siblings and many nieces and nephews.

Aside from her professional background in the maritime industry she is a lover of make-up. If you ever need advice on skin-care and make-up she is your go-to girl on that. Make-up serves as a creative outlet for her. Your face is your canvas and you decide what you want to do. Everyone is different.

I hope she serves to you as an inspiration.

Check out the full interview! Enjoy 🙂


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