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Interview with Esther Rosales, LMFT

Alejandra Salgado

October 29, 2018

KLBC Radio

Love. Family. Self-Empowerment.

KLBC RadioI had an informative and powerful conversation with my friend Esther Rosales. She is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She owns her own practice ad provides services such as one-on-one counseling, couples therapy and family therapy. Her specialties range from, childhood trauma, grief support, pre-marital counseling, self-empowerment counseling and more. If she’s not helping her clients she can be found hosting workshops, helping events for the community or Univision. Yes, you read that right, Univision! What does she NOT do? She is an amazing woman, full of positivity, helpful and a sincere person. I’m always so happy to see and speak with her. During this interview we answered a full-range of audience questions. Questions ranged from friendship, self-doubt and relationships, for example, “How to know if a relationship will last,” to “my boyfriend has many female friends, should I be concerned?” Questions of self were about, how to love yourself first before loving someone else and the importance of realistic goals when looking for a companion. Family questions were about dealing with a non-communicative father and on kids and their unhealthy phone usage and much more! If you missed the live interview, click here!! An interview you can’t miss.

Where can I find Esther Rosales?


IG: @estherrsls


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