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Wake Up, Boss Up

              Women have always held power within themselves, but it’s nice to finally see it be encouraged all over social media, television and events. It’s a movement and it’s here to stay. Throughout Southern California there are more and more events that are hosted by women for women. Networking, empowering and socializing is what most of these events consist of.

Clarissa Gastelum, Founder and C.E.O of New Palm Collection, hosted the Wake Up, Boss Up event. The event’s purpose was to advice women on how to get out of their own way and into action. There are many times, where we set goals and end up self-sabotaging by making excuses for not acting towards the next step to accomplish that said goal. This is a meaningful conversation because at times we are accustomed to sugar-coating our actions. The panelists for the event included Clarissa Gastelum, Kristel Davis, Founder of The Fox Project and Jocelyn Deleon, Founder and C.E.O of Hire Women. These ladies were very kind and spoke with passion and integrity. One topic was about how at times we may feel stuck and not know how we’re going to get from point A to point B, in our careers. Kristen shared that, “The “how” will not come to us until we commit.” Sometimes it takes us to commit to a goal to start developing a full plan of action. Another fault we face is when we use the, “It’s not the right time,” excuse that prevents one from making progress. Clarissa talked about this and she brought up a great point. “It will never be the right time; you just have to start. Before becoming committed into styling/fashion I would say, I’ll start when I lose the weight but, why wait, the time is now. Wherever you are, just start. Start with the idea. Start with the conversation and do some research to get familiar with what is it, that you want to do. You’ll never know who you’ll connect with. Start thinking bigger than what you were taught.” Lastly, when discussing the topic of self-judgment, Jocelyn said, “At the beginning of our journey, we are afraid of being judged. For example, when posting on social media we focus too much on the opinion of others. Just go for it. Keep creating even if it is not perfect. Progress is better than perfection.”

All these women had meaningful and motivating advice to give. The three main takeaways from the event were: ways in how we self-sabotage and how to avoid doing so, following your passion will not be easy but well worth it, and lastly believe in yourself. If you don’t believe in yourself, your products/service, or your brand, how do you expect others to believe you? To find more about events like Wake Up, Boss Up or about the speakers please check out the links below.

Clarissa Gatelum:

Joceyln Deleon:

Kristel David:

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Funding Your Dreams Event in LA

Conchitas + Capital Event 2019

Alejandra Salgado

April 06, 2019

Los Angeles, CA

              Today, I attended the Conchitas + Capital Event. This event had three main components: brunch, networking, and learning! You can’t learn without a yummy brunch and of course a mimosa (or two) on the side. The focus of the event was to receive some tips on funding your dream, for example your dream car, dream house, dream trip or whichever commodity you desire. There was a panel of speakers who could be of great resource for loans, buying a home, lawyer advise and more. The speakers shared their expertise and some inspirational messages to stay grounded on who you are and what you want. Not only that, but you had the opportunity to talk and mingle with some women who own their own business or seeking to own their own business. I’m beyond proud to see all these Latin owned businesses. We are coming up and no one can stop us. It brings my heart warmth, joy and my eyes with a few happy tears. There were also a few men who joined the event. Shout out to the all the men supporting us Latinas!

The event was created and hosted by the great Eva Macias. Eva Macias, a financial advisor who has been helping Latinas on their finances. Now, of course she helps anyone who seeks help from her, but it is important to highlight the importance of how she has helped Latinas re-think their finances. In the Latin community, money can be a somewhat of a taboo subject. Eva, with her best-selling book, A Latino’s Guide to Money, has helped women from around the U.S.A, be mindful about spending habits and by doing so to create a financial plan to oversee finances. In doing so it will help set focus on how money is spent and how to spend it effectively to fund your goals.

I had a great time and met many wonderful women. I intent to collaboration with many of the women I spoke to and interview them as well for them to share their story and inspire anyone who needs some inspiration. Inspirations comes from unexpected place, its magical.

You can find more information on Eva Macias on

Eva Macias, author of A Latina’s Guide to Money
Chiquis and I at the Conchitas + Capital Event
Chiquis and I at the Conchitas + Capital Event
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Earl Nightingale, The Dean of Personal Development

If you have not heard about Earl Nightingale, please set apart 10 minutes of your time, YouTube search him and listen to his content of your choice. My life has changed, ever since I learned about him. He is known as, The Dean of Personal Development. His content is all about personal development, changing your mindset, setting goals to reach your dreams, success and much more. In a nutshell, he is the one you should listen to if you’re feeling lost on how to approach your goals or if you have no idea what goals to set. His ideas are simple. When you listen to him it feels like a spell has been broken. Like you were blind and now you can see. To simply find out why you have been following, “the norm,” and start thinking for yourself. It is an incredible feeling.

Now, don’t get me wrong. You may feel like simply listening to him, your life will change. No, there is so much more to it. You, my friend, have to do your part. Don’t expect Mr. Nightingale to do all the work for you. The great motivational speaker, Zig Ziglar said, “Earl Nightingale has inspired more people toward success and fortune than any other motivational speaker on the planet.” His most recognized work is his audio recording known as, The Strangest Secret in the World.” This was one of the most sold non-music records in the world. He speaks on human conformity, setting goals towards success and fortune and his most important phrase he learned from another great man, Napoleon Hill. the phrase is, “We become what we think about.” Something as simple as our thoughts is the key to many things in life. If you go on about life with a negative view, then negative you will receive. If you go on positive then positive you will receive. It’s all in how you perceive things and the attitude you put forth.

I’m listening to one of his recordings titled, “Earl Nightingale Dean on Personal Development,” on YouTube. What I enjoy about his talks are his use of stories and examples from scripture. In the following weeks I’m going to dive into his main ideas. The main ideas are:

  1. The Miracle of Your Mind
  2. Being a Leader
  3. Recognizing Opportunity
  4. The Goose or the Eggs
  5. The Rewards of Service
  6. The Strangest Secret
  7. The Magic Word
  8. Your Self Image
  9. The Personal Commitment
  10. The Boss
  11. The Power from Within

I hope you enjoy learning about Earl Nightingale’s ideas and that you will be able to apply it to your life to improve it and others as well. Please, feel free to share your favorite ideas, quotes or how Mr. Nightingale has changed your life.

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A Poem for My Fears

Limiting Beliefs

The fear of not being good enough

The fear of not making it

The fear of failure

The fear of ridicule

The fear of not being appealing

The fear of not sounding perfect

The fear of vulnerability

The fear of the opinions of others


You no longer have control

Like an old lover, you’ll be back

But I’ll keep saying no

Until you no longer, with one word have me at your feet

Laying with you in my comfort zone

No way to grow

Depending on you to drown on self-loath

I will be over you

And fear, you’ll soon be just a distant memory


~ Alejandra Salgado Pantoja

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Interview with Esther Rosales, LMFT

Alejandra Salgado

October 29, 2018

KLBC Radio

Love. Family. Self-Empowerment.

KLBC RadioI had an informative and powerful conversation with my friend Esther Rosales. She is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She owns her own practice ad provides services such as one-on-one counseling, couples therapy and family therapy. Her specialties range from, childhood trauma, grief support, pre-marital counseling, self-empowerment counseling and more. If she’s not helping her clients she can be found hosting workshops, helping events for the community or Univision. Yes, you read that right, Univision! What does she NOT do? She is an amazing woman, full of positivity, helpful and a sincere person. I’m always so happy to see and speak with her. During this interview we answered a full-range of audience questions. Questions ranged from friendship, self-doubt and relationships, for example, “How to know if a relationship will last,” to “my boyfriend has many female friends, should I be concerned?” Questions of self were about, how to love yourself first before loving someone else and the importance of realistic goals when looking for a companion. Family questions were about dealing with a non-communicative father and on kids and their unhealthy phone usage and much more! If you missed the live interview, click here!! An interview you can’t miss.

Where can I find Esther Rosales?


IG: @estherrsls

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Interview with Actor E.E. Bell

Alejandra Salgado

October 25th, 2018

Today, at Long Beach City College we had a special guest in my RTv , Media Production class. We had the pleasure of having actor, E.E. Bell or also known as, Edward Earl Bell. In our media production class we are given a lot of hands-on opportunities. The class takes place in the school’s Television Studio,where we can operate the camera, be a part of talent, directing, floor managing, and much more. E.E. Bells joined is good friends with our media production professor, Mr. Pteke. Both men today, were the talent for the day and the class managed the studio. This was a helpful and learning experience.

You may recognize him from E.E. Bell from,

Married with Children

Herbie Fully Loaded

Image by IMDb

And guest starring in, How I Met Your Mother

Image by TV Guide

He was kind humble and funny. Check out the the interview below. He gives great advice. Don’t give up on what you can’t live without. GO FOR IT!